Northwest Coastal Ar​t​

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Northwest Coastal Art 

by Michael Hoover​

Artist: Michael James Hoover

Art Form: Northwest Coastal Indigenous Art

As a man of Lumbee Irish American ancestry, I was raised with Native and urban American influences. My works of art are inspired by the powerful and ancient Northwest Coastal Art form and are a reflection of my cross-cultural experiences.

I strive to create evocative pieces that pay respect to the history of the Salish/Tsimshian/Tlingit/Haida people and their culture. Many of my pieces reflect cultural and religious function such as dancing, drumming, and praying which are a celebration and acknowledgement of all parts of my history. This art form allows me to express my world view: joy, sadness, freedom, incarceration and my ever-deepening cultural awareness. I am honored to be practicing such a reverent and spiritual art form that spans generations and inspires transformation both internally and externally. This platform allows me to start from my center, deepening my own understanding of all t​he complexities of culture and storytelling through the construction of ancient elements. By highlighting the strength, beauty, power, gracefulness and legacy of Northwest Coastal Art I hope to inspire a recognition of indigenous art as a bridge between the past, present and future. The audience is invited to consider that the history of the past is truly intertwined with the present. I believe the past echoes in each of our hearts and that art strikes a vibrant chord in the soul which reminds us that parallel histories are truly intertwined. It is my hope that my art will inspire a conversation about the challenges of indigenous artists who attempt to create art which is both evocative and meaningful from such an oppressive environment such as prison and the lack of representation of underprivileged artists in the mainstream.

Most works are executed in acrylic paint and I often incorporate reclaimed wood as my medium. Mixed-media paintings incorporate items from the natural world such as abalone shell and unprocessed wood. 

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